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Zeenyx Software, Inc.


Zeenyx Software, Inc.

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Zeenyx Software, Inc.


Zeenyx is committed to providing a testing solution where users build robust manual and automated tests from reusable components that are created without recording or scripting. It's time to retire the old keyword-driven testing paradigm with its messy layers of spreadsheets. We've come up with an innovative approach to building software tests from re-usable steps that does not rely on recording or scripting. By interacting with graphical representations called snapshots, users build steps by dragging and dropping objects in a visual test editor. Actions and data objects are automatically generated. All the user has to do is provide the test data. Re-usable steps can be combined to form a multitude of manual and automated tests that are easy to create and maintain.

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23 College Street Hopkinton, MA01748 United States



Automated Testing Solutions, Manual Testing Solutions, Test Management, Test Planning

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