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Do you want to put your software to the test? Do you want to check if the new features you implemented are working as expected and make sure the user interface will really please your customers? Do you want to reach out to a broader audience and verify that your website can handle the load? We can help you find the answers to all these questions. At Xceptance, we are constantly rethinking our approach to testing to guarantee a flexible yet thorough and comprehensive testing experience. We’re not the kind of testing squad that enjoys rubbing a developer's nose in a missing bracket, we just want your site to be perfect! To accomplish this, we do everything we can and a little more. Our highly motivated staff at our two locations in Germany and the U.S. provides the knowledge and experience to make successful testing happen. To us, there is nothing more rewarding than a website that is ready to launch after our service. And it doesn't stop there: we are happy to assist you with maintenance, periodic load and performance tests, and on-site consulting according to your needs.

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11-50 employees
Privately Held

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Germany / Europe Headquarters

Software Technologies GmbH

Leutragraben 2-4
07743 Jena


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