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Title Testing Objectives Since Price Quotes Ping
AppLoader Desktop testing, Image Based Testing, EMail Testing, Image Comparison, Java testing, Load Capabilities, Stress Testing, Performance Analysis, SAP Testing, Web testing 2,000 Please Call Manufacturer for more details... Active
SoapUI API testing, DataBase testing, Load Capabilities, Network testing, Protocol Testing, SOA testing, Web testing 2,006 March 2015 - SOAP-UI : Free Use, March 2015 - SoapUI NG Pro : $499/Year, March 2015 - Floating license - Contact manufacturer for details Active
Httest Security Testing, Network testing, SOA testing, Web testing, Server testing 2,005 Free Use 2014
PureTest Network testing, Protocol Testing, Web testing 1,998 2016: PureTest - Free Use, 2016: PureTest Support - Yearly Subscription - $199.0, 2016: PureTest Pro Named User Subscription - $349.0 Active
IETester Web testing 2,001 Free Use 2014
PureLoad Stress Testing, Performance Analysis, Web testing 1,998 PureLoad Web - $5000/500 virtual clients, PureLoad Enterprise - $12000/500 virtual clients, PureLoad Enterprise, Developers Edition - $1250/10 virtual clients Active
HtmlUnit Web testing, Java testing, Desktop testing 2,002 Free Use Active
OpenGXE 2,009 Free use 2009
Chelsea Frischknecht 2,014 Not Published Active
Time Machine 1,997 Not Published Active

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