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FrontEndART Ltd


FrontEndART Ltd. is a company based in Szeged (Hungary), founded by researchers of the Software Engineering Department of University of Szeged.
Since 2009, FrontEndART has been developing and marketing innovative solutions in the field of software quality assurance based on source code analysis.
The static source code analysis technology developed by our research team allows quality assessment of software systems based on the ISO/IEC-25000 standard.
Our off-the-shelf product, named QualityGate, built around this source code certification model, offers the managers of software houses the opportunity to take control of the quality of their own products. In addition to source code quality assurance, FrontEndART has built up a full range of professional software testing competence.
Our experts have many years of industrial experience at their disposal, internationally recognized ISTQB testing certification and thorough knowledge of the most modern and efficient testing methods and technologies. We also help our clients to make their testing processes more effective.
Based on the synergy of our academic and industrial experience, we organize trainings for IT managers, developers, testers and QA professionals.
FrontEndART Ltd. posesses a considerable amount of development and testing capacity, which provides a stable and reliable professional background for our partners.

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11-50 employees
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Zászló utca 3. I./5 Szeged

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