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Datamatics Global Services Limited


Datamatics Global Services Limited

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Datamatics Global Services Limited


Datamatics is a trusted partner to several Fortune 500 Companies globally for managing their End-to-end Application Life Cycle & Business Critical Processes.
Datamatics is a global IT and business process outsourcing organization focused on delivering smart, next-generation business solutions that help enterprises across the world overcome their business challenges.
These solutions leverage innovations in technology, knowledge of business processes, and domain expertise to provide clients a competitive edge.
As a strategic partner, Datamatics helps its clients improve their business competitiveness and achieve operational efficiencies.
The benefits delivered by Datamatics’ unique solutions include accelerated time-to-market for new products and services, maximized productivity and efficiency in business processes, shorter turn-around times for service delivery and lower total cost of ownership.

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Knowledge Centre Plot No. 58, Street No. 17 MIDC, Andheri (East),Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093India



Engineering & Embedded Services, Finance & Accounting Services, Information Management, IT Consulting, IT Services, Publishing Services, Research & Analytics, Resource Augmentation, Smart Document Processing, Billing & Payment Solutions, Online Retail Solutions



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DARTENIUM - Cloud Based Test Automation
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Dartenium Tool Scope Test Automation Framework
Application Rights Commercial, Demo, Trial
Since 2009
Company Datamatics Global Services Limited
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