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Catch Software

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Catch Software


Catch Software is an award-winning software company based in Auckland, New Zealand. We make test management, execution, and integration tools that help QA professionals get more out of their testing effort.
Our flagship product, Enterprise Tester, is a test management platform which was released in early 2009 and is now used by QA teams globally, including teams at Intel, Cox Communications, eBay, Sony, Sky TV, Air New Zealand, and the US Navy. Built by QA professionals for QA professionals, Enterprise Tester provides testers with easy management of test plans, execution sets, requirements, and incidents. We have no sales people – our products are free to try, our pricing is published online, and we release a new version of Enterprise Tester every 6-8 weeks, so are quick to respond to customer feedback and requests.


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11-50 employees
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300 Queen Street Auckland, 1010
​New Zealand



Test management software provider, Quality management practices consulting, Atlassian Platinum / Enterprise Experts, Sparx Systems reseller



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Integrate Automated Test Tools with Enterprise Tester
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Since 2008
Company Catch Software
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