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QACube, the QA visual analytics company, is the leading provider of software quality visual analytics, dashboards and reporting solutions for Global 2000 companies. It empowers enterprises to deliver business innovation with lower risk and faster time to market with a fully automated QA reporting platform that consolidates and aggregates data from an unlimited number of data sources and delivers One-Click, at-a-glance, QA visual analytics. 

QACube helps drive competitive advantage with predictive QA visual analytics and dashboards across popular ALM/software testing tools such as: Tosca Testsuite, HP ALM, JIRA, Rally, Excel ... so you can deliver great software on time and with less risk. 

The QA analytics are uniquely designed to continuously deliver up-to-date status information and highlight potential problems and bottlenecks affecting the software delivery process. The solution enables agile testing teams and teams using the waterfall approach to save time and effort and to make better decisions and is highly effective for both in-house and outsourced software testing teams. 

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ALM Reporting & Analytics, Cross Project Reporting for Software Testing, Software Testing Reporting, Visual Test Analytics, Software Testing KPIs

QACube Enterprise


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QACube Enterprise gives you and your team at-a-glance visual analytics for popular testing tools so you can see your testing results from requirements to defects to go-live.
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QACube Enterprise
QACube Enterprise Tool Scope Reporting Tool
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Since 2014
Company QACube
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