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7 Open-Source Test Automation Frameworks

Pros & cons of 7 open-source test automation frameworks:

API Testing Challenges and How to Overcome Them

We all knows that API is an interface that is used by the programmers to make communication from   your system's application to other applications/third party servers. The developers connect to the APIs to make requests and get responses from other applications as required. And there are various challenges  that software testers face in testing API. 

To perform API testing you must be aware about the challenges and how to overcome them and you must learn the best practices to perform API testing perfectly. 

I am sharing here top 4 challenges about API testing : 

HP ALM Test Case Export Utility


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HP ALM Test Case Export Utility
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HP ALM Test Case Export Utility
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How To build strong testing foundations...

How do you build strong testing foundations? what are your basic rules? and which tools are you using to implement this fundamentals rules?

for example:

1. Integrating Selenium with ANT or Maven keeps your source code safe and you can develop your tests by version and release plan.

2. Selenium which is actually script file gives you the option to work more fluently with source-safe applications

3. Parallel execution mode lets you the ability to do synchronize-tests, or even test the same scenario on different web-browsers.

What Are your ground rules for strong testing foundations?

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