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The Art of Persuasion: Pitching Automation To Your Boss

Michael "Fritz" Fritzius shares 8 tips on how to persuade your boss to go down the automation path and to succeed in it!

Inside Selenium WebDriver

Always wondered what's behind the scenes of Selenium WebDriver? Yoni Flenner took on the challenge to break it down for you in this post:

Automation testing tutorial -

Learn automation testing tools like - Selenium, JMeter, Cucumber, TestNG and rest API automation at -

How to test your tests

Put your tester hat on and read Dave Westerveld's insights on how to make your automation rock solid! -

Is Test Automation A Smart Move For Your Startup?

To automate or not automate? Every startup has this dilemma and in this article it is clarified once and for all:

How to Automate HTTPS Rest Calls using Selenium, Why??

Let's say that you need to automate file upload with Secured HTTPs Rest calls using selenium. 

You might get the following error:

Remote host closed connection during handshake
Exception in thread "main" Remote host closed connection during handshake

Here some of the code to use, to solve this issue:



Table Summary
Capybara is a library written in the Ruby programming language, for testing Web Applications
Last Release Year ['Active'=Current]: 


Tool Scope Test Automation Framework
Application Rights Free Use, Opensource
Since 2011
Company GitHub project
Support Tool Support link HERE
Download Download HERE
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