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Loadster Performance


Loadster Performance

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Loadster Performance


Loadster helps your team create more efficient, high-quality software in less time. We make load testing tools to simulate a large volume of users on a website and find the breaking point. By discovering and fixing performance problems before they affect real users, you can avoid lost business due to a slow or dysfunctional web application. Loadster is a cloud-hybrid solution: generate load from any of 9 Loadster Cloud regions on 5 continents, or from your own hardware running behind the firewall. We optimize tester productivity by making it easier to create scripts, build test scenarios, run tests, and get detailed reports.

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load testing, performance testing, stress testing, scalability



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Load Testing From Anywhere
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Loadster Tool Scope Cloud Service, Testing Tool
Application Rights Commercial, Demo, Free Use, Trial
Since 2004
Company Loadster Performance
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