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eXept Software AG

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eXept Software AG


eXept Software AG provides software solutions, services and advise. Products include frameworks and tools like the Smalltalk/X development environment, the expecco(r) test automation tool with its innovative flow-based programming scheme, and expeccoNET, a centralized server based quality management system. In the past, we have delivered mission critical turn-key solutions in many areas, including cryptographic security, security traders, telecom products, test automation, factory automation and process visualization.

Company Size: 
11-50 employees
Privately Held

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test automation, prototyping, oo architecture

expecco ALM


Table Summary
expeccoNET - Stress-Free Way to Quality Management
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expecco ALM
expeccoNET Tool Scope Management Tool, Program Management, Project Management, Requirements Management, Test Management, Testing Tool
Application Rights Commercial
Since 2009
Company eXept Software AG
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