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Coronys Ltd


Coronys Ltd

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Coronys Ltd


Coronys delivers an innovative Test Automation Platform for development, execution, and management of automated testing in software development, system validation and mass production QA. The Coronys Test Framework is perfectly suited for black-box testing of complex Embedded Systems over distributed architectures as well as single stand-alone modules in communications, military, medical, security and other industries. The Automation Framework comprises a set of fully integrated testing tools and helpful complementary test applications. A powerful multi-tasking test execution engine - ETS™, is optimized for event-driven testing of real-time applications. An optional MySQL based server facilitates remote test jobs launching, test results querying and reporting.

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11-50 employees
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software quality, Test Automation Tools

Test Automation Framework for Embedded Systems


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Coronys Embedded Quality
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Test Automation Framework for Embedded Systems
Coronys ETS Developer Tool Scope Test Automation Framework
Application Rights Commercial, Demo, Floating license
Since 2002
Company Coronys Ltd
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