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10Levels is a leading integration and solution provider company that offers a wide range of networking and telephony services and solutions. 
Developers of FlowLevel and OMS applications. 
FlowLevel - is a powerful automation application that enables automating processes. It provides a flexible infrastructure for designing, deploying, displaying results and analyzing all types of processes. With FlowLevel, defining the flow, rules, and elements of work is performed dynamically and the process follows them automatically. Once the flows and rules are captured, they can easily be changed, either to optimize the process or adapt to new conditions. The application comes with several types of build-in blocks, that represent particular activities, and with flow lines that indicate a process sequence. Build-in block types include basic flowchart symbols, loop, conditionals, data lists and more.

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11-50 employees
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Process automation, Operational Management systems
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FlowLevel Java testing, Stress Testing, Performance Analysis, Protocol Testing, Server testing 2,004 Active

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