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Title Testing Objectives Since Price Quotes Ping
DbFit DataBase testing 2,008 Free Use Active
Robot Framework Desktop testing, Java testing, Web testing 2,008 Free to use Active
JBehave Test Design 2,003 Free use Active
TestStack.White Desktop testing 2,007 Free to use Active
Capybara Web testing 2,011 Free use Active
LDTP Desktop testing, Web testing 2,004 Free Use Active
Robotium Desktop testing, Mobile Testing 2,010 Free Use Active
AutoHotkey Desktop testing 2,004 Free to use Active
FlexUnit Java testing 2,008 Free to use Active
Seatest API testing 2,010 Free Use Active
RCUNIT Test Cases Statistics 2,006 Free use 2013
XMLUnit API testing, Web testing 2,001 Free use Active
NBehave 2,007 Free use, BSD License 2014 API testing, Interoperability testing 2,009 Free Use Active
Cacique Web testing 2,010 Free use Active
Codeception API testing, SOA testing, Web testing 2,012 Free Use Active
PHPUnit Code Analysis, Code Coverage testing, Coding Standards verfication, Static Code Analysis, DataBase testing 2,006 Free use Active
LTP 2,003 Free Use 2011
Cobertura Code Coverage testing 2,001 Free Use Active
UISpec4J Web testing, Java testing, Desktop testing 2,004 Free use Active
EclEmma Code Analysis, Code Coverage testing, Static Code Analysis 2,006 Free Use Active
Celerity Web testing 2,008 Free Use 2012
SentinelA Web testing, Image Comparison 2,016 Free Use Active

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