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TechTalk is your flexible partner for professional agile projects.Our services range from software development and project management to requirements analysis, user experience management and test automation. We tailor our cutting edge methods to support your project team rapidly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

TechTalk takes an active role in the developer community, sponsoring SpecFlow, an open-source behavior-driven development tool for Visual Studio and .NET.
We also develop SpecLog, which complements SpecFlow as an agile requirements management tool integrated with Team Foundation Server 2010.

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Agile Software Development, UX, Scrum, Testing
Title Testing Objectives Since Price Quotes Ping
SpecFlow 2,011 Free to use, 2015: Professional support: Pay/minute: € 35 / 15 minutes, 2015: Professional support: Pay/incident: € 300 / incident Active
SpecRun 2,013 2016: US $199.99/seat license, 2016: Extended Download Service : US $17.99 Active

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