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White Box testing


White Box testing

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Title Testing Objectives Since Price Quotes Ping
TOSCA Testsuite DataBase testing, Data Warehouse Testing, Desktop testing, Mobile Testing, Pair-Wise Analysis, SAP Testing, Server testing, SOA testing, Test Cases Statistics, Web testing 2,008 Call Manufacturer for details Active
Cucumber 2,008 2015: Free use, 2015:Paid support plans - Basic: $5000/year (4 requests/month), 2015:Paid support plans - Standard: $7500/year (6 requests/month), 2015:Paid support plans - Enterprise: $20000/year (10 requests/month) Active
Googletest API testing, Mobile Testing 2,008 Free use Active
JBehave Test Design 2,003 Free use Active
SeleniumHQ Desktop testing, Object Based Testing, Web testing, Cross-Browser testing 2,006 Free use Active
Windmill Web testing, Cross-Browser testing 2,007 Free use 2016
Rational Functional Tester [RFT] Desktop testing, Object Based Testing, Web testing 2,001 July 2014: User license = 6820 USD Active
Concordion Web testing 2,006 Free use Active
CANTATA API testing, Code Analysis, Code Coverage testing, Coding Standards verfication, Static Code Analysis 2,011 Active
Android SDK Mobile Testing 2,009 Free Use Active
Protractor Web testing 2,013 Free Use Active
T3 Java testing 2,008 Free to use, Under the GNU GPL license. 2009
RCUNIT Test Cases Statistics 2,006 Free use 2013
RapidRep Test Suite DataBase testing, Data Migration Testing, Data Warehouse Testing, Protocol Testing 2,012 Aug 2015 : Test Suite 699 €/license, Aug 2015 : Test Suite 1.328 €/2 licenses, Aug 2015 : Test Suite 2.874 €/5licenses Active
Automated JUnit Generation Code Coverage testing, Code Tracability, Coding Standards verfication, Java testing 2,008 Active
Testuff Web testing, Test Cases Statistics, Application Life Cycle Tracking, Desktop testing 2,007 2015: Monthly subscription $27 per user, 2015: Yearly subscription $270 per user, 2015: Site License $1,840/month Unlimited Active
JUnit API testing, Code Analysis, Java testing, Plugin testing 2,009 Free Use Active
EMMA Code Analysis, Code Coverage testing, Code Review, Static Code Analysis 2,001 Free Use Active
Zeta Test 2,012 Oct 2015 : Zeta Test Management 3.6.2 - USD 599 per user, Oct 2015 : 10 users, USD 539 per user, Oct 2015 : 25 users, USD 509 per user Active
Google Toolbox for Mac Mobile Testing, Http Unit Testing, Binding Unit Testing, UI testing, Log Tracking 2,008 Free Use Active
Ncover Collector Code Coverage testing 2,011 Active
dotCover Code Coverage testing 2,010 Nov 2015 : Commercial License : $199 ; Upgrade Subscription Renewal : $99, Nov 2015 : Personal License : $99 ; Upgrade Subscription Renewal : $49, Nov 2015 : Academic License : $29 ; Upgrade Subscription Renewal : $19 Active
TestWise Code Analysis, Code Coverage testing, Code Review, Static Code Analysis, Performance Analysis 2,002 Call Manufacturer for details 2011
UISpec4J Web testing, Java testing, Desktop testing 2,004 Free use Active
cfix API testing 2,008 Free Use Active
FlowLevel Java testing, Stress Testing, Performance Analysis, Protocol Testing, Server testing 2,004 Active
Testing Framework Web testing 2,002 Free Use, 2016: License with 1 Year Support Subscription $299.00 Active
Visual Assert API testing 2,009 Free Use Active
EclEmma Code Analysis, Code Coverage testing, Static Code Analysis 2,006 Free Use Active
Trust Desktop testing, Mobile Testing 2,011 Active
Binary Static Analysis (SAST) Security Testing, Binary Static Analysis, Code Analysis, Static Code Analysis 2,007 Not Published Active

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