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Software As A Service


Software As A Service

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Title Testing Objectives Since Price Quotes Ping
Stryka Application Life Cycle Tracking 2,016 Not Published Active
CloudQA API testing, Desktop testing, Web testing, Cross-Browser testing 2,016 Active
Hexawise Pair-Wise Analysis, Web testing 2,009 Active
RedLine13 Web testing, Web Monitoring, Load Capabilities, API testing 2,013 Active
ClicAutomate Web testing, Cross-Browser testing, Desktop testing, Object Based Testing 2,015 Not Published Active
Assertible API testing, Web Monitoring, Web testing 2,016 Not Published Active
Testsigma 2,017 Not Published Active
Jamo Automator Mobile Testing, UI testing 2,016 Not Published Active
Panaya Test Center 2,006 Not Published Active
EasyQA 2,016 Active
LambdaTest 2,017 Not Published Active
Chelsea Frischknecht 2,014 Not Published Active

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