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Rogue Wave Software


Rogue Wave Software

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Rogue Wave Software


Rogue Wave tools span 40 years, offering everything from cloud-based-services to native platform applications to portable software libraries. But they all have a common, singular purpose: Making it easy to write, test, and run a complex code.

Our capabilities cover different languages, code bases, and platforms. Simply put, we meet development where - and how - it happens. Whether it's finding the right algorithm to forecast outcomes, building the foundation of C++ applications, debugging multithreaded and multi-core software, understanding open source use in proprietary code, or discovering security bugs earlier in development, we can help. The code is where we live, what we care about, and how we make our customers' software better.

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Company Size: 
201-500 employees
Privately Held
5500 Flatiron Pkwy, Suite 200
Boulder, CO 80301
United States

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Faster delivery of secure, reliable, and conformant code
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klocwork Tool Scope Cloud Service, Testing Tool
Application Rights Cloud Service, Commercial, Trial
Since 2001
Company Rogue Wave Software
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